Festival 2024

The new edition of Festival Atobius -Incontri di culture will take place in Dolianova from 15 to 19 October 2024 and includes a series of events that will be characterized by the involvement of participants in traditional activities of the area and linked to local culture. The festival will take place in various places and companies in the city, throughout the area. Productive activities, associations and various professionals working in the field of experiential tourism will be involved. For the entire duration of the event, tourists will be able to participate in workshops and activities through which they can discover the cultural heritage of the area in an engaging and memorable way.

What we have planned in 2023

The main activities in which visitors will be able to take part are mainly food and wine tastings, linked not only to local productions such as oil and wine, but also to traditional dishes and artisanal production. It will be possible to stay on farms and help farmers and breeders in their daily activities; at the farmhouses it will be possible to cook and then eat typical local dishes and at the oil mills it will be possible to harvest the olives and see the oil production process. Sensory analyzes of wine, oil and cheese will then be offered within the companies. Regarding craftsmanship, it will be possible to try your hand, together with local experts, in the production of traditional artefacts such as baskets, carpets, chairs and mats. It will also be possible to participate in Sardinian dance lessons organized by the local folk group. In addition to the experiential events characterizing the event, guided tours will be held at the various monuments and cultural sites.

Monday 16 October
Thursday 19 October
Tuesday 17 October
Friday 20 October
Wednesday 18 October
Saturday 21 October
Final Event Festival Atobius - Incontri di Culture 2023

Throughout the afternoon and evening of Saturday 21 October it will be possible to participate in various experiential food and wine, artisan and folkloristic workshops.